Κωδικός Authors Τίτλος εργασίας
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P.5.2 Koussis et al Investigation of liver fat mass and fat fraction relationships with liver volume , using PDFF MRI in NALFD patients
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P.5.5 Chatzidimitriou Exposure safety assessment in the environment of radars
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P.5.7 Spyratou et al Novel theranostics in cancer treatment: the marriage between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation interplay via Cherenkov radiation
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P.5.9 Kallimorou et al Can intrinsic connectivity contrast rs-fMRI index identify functional changes in schizophrenia?
P.5.10 Gkasios et al Electrical conductivity measurements utilizing fast T2 relaxometry techniques inside a clinical MRI system for three hydatic solution samples: an in-vitro study
P.5.11 Dimakopoulou et al Raman spectra of human colorectal tissues by varying the excitation wavelengths from 514 nm to 785 nm. Defining the optimum laser lines for cancer detection
P.5.12 Broumpoulis et al The importance of T1 mapping in the diagnosis of TOF patients
P.5.13 Softa et al Measurement of exposure levels in urban areas from 5G technology: initial experience.
P.5.14 Papadogiannis et al MRI texture analysis as a tool for diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of multiple sclerosis
P.5.15 Avgoullas et al Best practices and common applications of ultrasound in low-resource settings: a scoping review
P.5.16 Giannakopoulos et al Photobiomodulation of wound healing by low power red laser in a scratch assay cellular model