Κωδικός Authors Τίτλος εργασίας
P.4.1 Dimitroukas et al Evaluation of patient radiation dose due to the scanner’s inherent overranging during helical CT imaging of parathyroid glands
P.4.2 Efthymiou et al BMI and Organ Absorbed Doses during Standard Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Procedures utilising Monte Carlo Simulation
P.4.3 Efthymiou et al The Effect of Procedure-Related Factors on Fluoroscopy Time during Endovascular Aneurysm Repair: A seven-year Retrospective Study
P.4.4 Ganou et al A program for shielding calculations of medical Linear Accelerator installations
P.4.5 Vasiliou et al Typical patient doses for Chest X-ray examination in 5 Healthcare Centers of 2nd Regional Health Authority of Piraeus & Aegean, and comparison with Greek National DRLs
P.4.6 Sotiropoulou et al Investigation of Monte Carlo parameters on organ dose estimation for patients undergoing Computed Tomography (CT) Examinations.
P.4.7 Kaliamoutou et al The use of Octavius 2D and Portal Dosimetry Prediction for the verification of VMAT plans
P.4.8 Mavrikou et al Double dosimetry – a good practices example in interventional cardiology
P.4.9 Tselepis et al A web application for the management of radioactive waste produced by in vitro nuclear medicine laboratories
P.4.10 Kouvati et al Tailoring the dose response characteristics of a poloxamer-based, radiochromic gel 3D dosimeter to specific dosimetric applications
P.4.11 Papaioannou et al Evaluation of a paper based, 2D radiochromic detector for quality control of a therapeutic kV x-ray beam
P.4.12 Eygeneia et al Estimation of kV x-ray spectra from percentage depth dose data
P.4.13 Papalexandrou et al Estimating the absorbed dose by means of personalized thyroid gland and critical organ dosimetry during therapeutic Ι-131 administration due to hyperthyroidism
P.4.14 Margaroni et al Determination of the dead volume effect in ionization chambers using the finite element method and its impact on MR-Linac dosimetric calculations
P.4.15 Dalianis et al Effective finger dose for the staff performing in house production of 68Ga-PSMA and 68Ga-DOTATOC
P.4.16 Dalianis et al Dosimetric evaluation to medical workers operating in a PET/CT department after of in house production of Ga-68 peptides.
P.4.17 Moncef et al Comparison of Patient Internal dosimetry using the reference computational and Xcat phantoms with Monte Carlo method
P.4.18 Softa et al Acceptance and Commissioning of the new HalcyonTM 3.0 linear accelerator
P.4.19 Alexiou et al An Overview of Diagnostic Reference Levels